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India – Relocate Magazine Award Winner

Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group’s India member, IKAN Relocation Services, received an award at the recent Relocate Magazine Awards. Winner – Best Serviced Apartment Country/Specialist Provider Read more HERE (Relocate Magazine website)

Japan – Conversion of Driving License

Each prefecture in Japan has different requirements for conversion of a driver’s license. For the most specific information, it is recommended to make a direct contact with the driving center of area one is living. Case1: Converting directly to a Japanese driver’s license This case includes license holders who are able to convert their foreign …

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Taiwan – Beer, beer, and more beer please

It was only a few decades ago that beer lovers in Taiwan had such a limited choice of their favorite brew available to them. Now, those times have changed. Cottinghams started to import various lagers, then came Belgium strong beers followed by Moosehead from Canada thanks to Joe O Brien, St. Peters stouts and bitters …

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Philippines – Immigration & Consular Update

Apostille Convention on Authentication of Documents takes effect on 14 May 2019. The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) — Office of Consular Affairs in the Philippines will no longer issue Authentication Certificates from 14 May 2019. Instead, the DFA will affix an Apostille to documents for use abroad as proof of authentication for use in …

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Australia – Rental & Visa Surprises

We are sometimes asked for comment on the biggest surprises experienced by new arrivals to Australia. Without doubt one of the most common surprises is the perceived high cost of renting property (most new arrivals rent initially). Two factors are relevant in this regard: Concentration of population in Sydney and Melbourne (over 40% of the …

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Malaysia – Immigration Update

NEW APPLICATION FEATURES AND CHARGES FOR SKILLED EXPATRIATE EMPLOYMENT (EP) AND PROFESSIONAL VISIT PASS (PVP) EFFECTIVE ON 1 JUNE 2019 To better facilitate and meet employers needs for skilled expatriate talent, MYXpats have put in place a robust online data platform and service-driven process which have helped the new enhanced centre. The Centre, conveniently located …

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Housing Update – Practical Information Guide

Australia | China | India | Japan | Korea | Malaysia | New Zealand | Philippines | Singapore | Taiwan | Thailand Australia   There has been stability in rental costs over recent years as shown in the table below: However vacancy rates have been declining, and this could lead to pressure on rents in …

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Taiwan – English Speaking Theater In Taipei

Good news for theater lovers, you may have visited a Broadway show in New York or a musical in the west-end of London, well now you can enjoy the stage in Taipei too. Groups of English speaking expat actors, directors and producers are introducing some amazing live performances. Back in Shakespeare’s day at the Globe, …

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Singapore – International Schools

Singapore plays host to many different nationalities so it is not unusual to have as many as 60 countries represented at an international school. Curricula vary from national curriculum offered by the Lycée Francais de Singapour or Tanglin Trust School to the International Baccalaureate. Several schools offer dual educational systems to accommodate the diverse student …

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Taiwan – Information for Avid Readers

For anyone interested in reading books by foreigners living in Taiwan, there are some interesting publication around. Camphor Press, an independent publishing house founded by three expats in 2014, it has grown quickly to become the largest publisher of English-language books on Taiwan. Camphor publishes both fiction and non-fiction titles on Taiwan and the wider …

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