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India – Ease of doing business (World Bank Report)

By reloc8apg | 10th December 2018

‘Rome was not built in a day’ – 2014 started the process of review and improvement India’s world ranking in the ‘ease of doing business’. The World Bank initiated measure has Identied India as the most improved country in this sphere. Out of 190 countries; in 2014 India was at a miserly 140th, It made …

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Taiwan – Immigration Update (ARC Change)

By reloc8apg | 15th November 2018

Change to the numbering system for Alien Residency Certificate (ARC) The Ministry of Interior of Taiwan has recently announced that it is going to change the numbering system for Alien Residency Certificates (ARC) to have them match the format of Taiwan national identification cards of all Taiwan citizens. It is expected to benefit over one million …

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Goa Beach

India – Focus on Goa

By reloc8apg | 6th November 2018

Goa – The Indian Pearl of the Orient The upcoming EuRA Global Conference in Goa is the first EuRA in India and is expected to attract a number of European delegates. IKAN hence felt it prudent to do a small article on Goa for the benefit of it’s friends from overseas giving them a birds …

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Malaysia and Penang Flags

Malaysia – Focus on Penang

By reloc8apg | 5th November 2018

When one thinks of Penang (or Pulau Pinang in Malay), the first thing that comes to mind is its glorious plethora of insatiable food. However, food is not the only thing to look out for in Penang, as there are numerous sights and sounds to look out for in the “Pearl of the Orient”. Modern …

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Philippines – Inflation on the Rise

By reloc8apg | 25th October 2018

As the months pass, Filipinos have been on the watch since the TRAIN 1 (Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion) Law was implemented. Nowadays, mornings are greeted with news that the Philippine Peso has further weakened and the inflation rate has yet again escalated. Data shows that inflation jumped to an over 9-year high of …

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India – Autumn ’18 Relocate Magazine Article

By reloc8apg | 24th October 2018

Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group’s India member, IKAN Relocation Services, has written an article for the Autumn issue of Relocate Magazine covering the monumental overturning of discriminatory same-sex laws. To read the article click HERE (link to Relocate Magazine viewer)

Cartus Global Network Awards

Cartus Global Network 2018 Commitment to Excellence Award Winners

By reloc8apg | 18th October 2018

The evening of 16th October 2018 saw the Cartus Global Network Conference dinner and awards ceremony take place in Seattle, WA, USA. The following Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group members were recognised for a Supplier Innovation and/or Commitment to Excellence: Korea – Reloko Ltd. | Cartus Masters Cup Thailand – Pacific Orientations Relocation Services | Commitment …

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Malaysia and Johor Flags

Malaysia – Focus on Johor

By reloc8apg | 16th October 2018

Johor is a highly progressive and developing state in Malaysia. Located on the most southern part of Peninsular Malaysia, Johor has many highlights to explore, be it its beautiful colonial buildings, its unique traditional culture, the diverse and beautiful flora and fauna, and its rich heritage and royal family. Johor’s capital city, Johor Bahru, is …

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India – Chronicles of an Enlightened India

By reloc8apg | 11th October 2018

– A case for Diversity, Inclusion, Equality and Privacy Introduction Bharat, the ancient name for the land presently known as INDIA, is credited to have been a leader in Science and Mathematics even five thousand years back. Bharat was considered the cradle of civilisation with the Indus Valley Civilisation flourishing and famously known as the …

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Tomorrow’s Mobility e-Newsletter (October ’18)

By reloc8apg | 10th October 2018

Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group are pleased to publish the latest issue of Tomorrow’s Mobility e-Newsletter which provides information on “Do’s and Don’ts (Cultural Faux Pas)”.