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Cartus Global Network Awards

Cartus Global Network 2018 Commitment to Excellence Award Winners

By reloc8apg | 18th October 2018

The evening of 16th October 2018 saw the Cartus Global Network Conference dinner and awards ceremony take place in Seattle, WA, USA. The following Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group members were recognised for a Commitment to Excellence: Korea – Reloko Ltd. – Cartus Masters Cup Thailand – Pacific Orientations Relocation Services – Commitment to Excellence – …

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Malaysia and Johor Flags

Malaysia – Focus on Johor

By reloc8apg | 16th October 2018

Johor is a highly progressive and developing state in Malaysia. Located on the most southern part of Peninsular Malaysia, Johor has many highlights to explore, be it its beautiful colonial buildings, its unique traditional culture, the diverse and beautiful flora and fauna, and its rich heritage and royal family. Johor’s capital city, Johor Bahru, is …

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India Flag

India – Chronicles of an Enlightened India

By reloc8apg | 11th October 2018

– A case for Diversity, Inclusion, Equality and Privacy Introduction Bharat, the ancient name for the land presently known as INDIA, is credited to have been a leader in Science and Mathematics even five thousand years back. Bharat was considered the cradle of civilisation with the Indus Valley Civilisation flourishing and famously known as the …

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Passport Image

Philippines – Shortage of 9A Visa Stickers

By reloc8apg | 26th September 2018

The Bureau of Immigration is currently experiencing shortage on the 9A (Temporary Visitor) visa stickers based on the “Note with Recommendation” addressed to the Immigration Commissioner. BACKGROUND: For the past years, the visa sticker is placed on the passport when requesting for a 9A visa extension. However, the supplies for these stickers have reached a …

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India – Focus on Chennai

By reloc8apg | 6th September 2018

Chennai is the biggest industrial and commercial centre in Southern India as well as a major cultural, economic and educational centre. Chennai, sometimes referred to as the “Gateway to South India” is also Host to the third-largest expatriate population in India after Mumbai and Delhi. Chennai is a Multi Industrial base with the major focus …

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Passport Image

Australia – New Labour Market Testing Rules

By reloc8apg | 23rd August 2018

New rules were announced by the Federal Government and implemented in August 2018. Employers need to advertise in Australia for roles that are to be filled by a Temporary Skills Shortage visa applicant (the main visa category for 1 – 4 year international assignments to Australia). The employer must demonstrate that Australians are not excluded …

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Domestic Help Image

Japan – Domestic Helpers

By reloc8apg | 22nd August 2018

Hiring a domestic helper might be common in many countries, however it’s rare for Japanese families to hire full-time helpers. Some Japanese families hire helpers from local companies, and many also hire such help on special occasions such as when they move out from the apartment/house or do major cleaning such as before New Year’s …

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Taiwan – Bookstores in Taipei

By reloc8apg | 16th August 2018

As one of the travel writer once said, “Taiwan is a hugely underrated gem of Asia, and any time you spend there will be richly rewarded.” All cities offer a diverse range of exquisite beautifies with its own unique scenery of stories and touching moods in its culture.  If you are planning a culture trip …

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India – Focus on Hyderabad

By reloc8apg | 9th August 2018

Hyderabad – Rising and Shining Hyderabad is a city which is  4th largest in India for the size of its urban population. It has  82% average literacy rate which is above  the National average, ranked 1st in the country towards human resource development,  Proactive Government and Leadership, Corporate Governance , Metro train connectivity, Award winning …

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Malaysia – Using a Housing Agent or Realtor to Ease the Home Search Process

By reloc8apg | 6th August 2018

Why using a housing agent/realtor can ease the home search process for an expatriate… Searching for a new home can be a stressful and exhausting process. What more if you are moving to another country, with a different culture and way of doing things. If you will be moving with your family, that will be …

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