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Taiwan – Relaxation in Visa & Immigration

New rules for Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals take effect The Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professional Talent which was passed on Oct. 31, 2017 has taken effect on February 08, 2018.  This newly effected act relaxes the requirements for foreign professionals on visa, employment, stay and residence regulations while better benefiting …

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Malaysia – Immigration Process Changes

Recent Changes by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) In line with MDEC continuous clients’ process improvement, we are pleased to inform that MDEC have embarked on new services and business processes with enhancement of eXpats system to achieve a better process turnaround time and user experience which will ultimately serve you better. Effective from 15th November 2017, the new changes …

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Thailand – Eligibility to Work

All foreigners must obtain a Work Permit in order to be eligible to legally undertake paid work in Thailand. The Work Permit will formally document the foreigner’s position, current occupation or job description and the Thai company he/she is working with, as well as the time period for which the permit is granted. Do note …

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Taiwan – Eligibility to Work

Taiwan – was voted the best expatriate destination in the world by Expat Insider Survey in 2016, is also one of the world’s safest countries to live.   The rich geographic natures and friendliness in people, is an attractive international working opportunity for expats in Asia. It’s the best place for quality of life; particularly when …

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Malaysia – Eligibility to Work

In terms of work, Malaysia is a great location for expats. It’s usually best when international employers send people to Malaysia as expatriates, rather than them trying to find a job after arriving in Malaysia, as this can be almost impossible. As with all countries, Malaysia has its own set of laws that allow individuals …

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Korea – Eligibility to Work

If a person who is not a Korean national wants to work in Korea, he/she will need to have a work visa sponsored by an entity in Korea.  In Korea, there is no separate work permit and the foreigner who wishes to work needs to obtain a proper work visa.  There are several types of …

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Japan – Eligibility to Work

Obtaining a proper Long Term Visa is the first thing to be considered before one’s relocation to Japan. The most basic requirement in the process is a proper sponsoring entity, either the Japanese subsidiary of the company for whom the assignee may be employed or a contractual relationship with a Japanese company to sponsor and …

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India – Eligibility to Work

A foreign national planning to work in India and hence become a resident here needs to meet various criterias and fulfill a number of statutory compliances. India, unlike other countries, does not have a work permit system – instead has an “Employment Visa” which needs to be acquired at the closest Indian Embassy or Consulate. …

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