Japan – Conversion of Driving License

Each prefecture in Japan has different requirements for conversion of a driver’s license. For the most specific information, it is recommended to make a direct contact with the driving center of area one is living. Case1: Converting directly to a Japanese driver’s license This case includes license holders who are able to convert their foreign …

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Japan – Driving Test Requirements

Requirements for a Japanese driver’s license vary depending on the applicant’s country of origin. If the applicant currently possesses a valid driver’s license issued by one of the following countries, it is possible to obtain a Japanese license without taking the written and driving test: Australia Austria Belgium Canada Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany …

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Singapore Flag

Singapore – The use of eScooters in Singapore

Expatriates who are e-Scooter (Electric Scooters) users must be aware of the new regulation governing the criteria for use in Singapore. Under the Active Mobility Bill, those who use personal mobility devices or PMDs which include eScooters must comply with the new regulations or face stiff penalties and also risk having their devices confiscated. Your …

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Taiwan – Learning to Drive

Taiwan traffic law and north America traffic law are fairly similar in many ways, but because a large amount of Taiwan’s traffic is consists of motorbike, driver has to constantly aware of smaller vehicles in their surroundings. Typically, student driver will practice at the driving school. Driving school can also proctor the driving exam with …

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Japan – Taxis in Japan

Japan’s taxis are always clean and in excellent condition. There are approximately 50,000 taxis operated in Tokyo alone. Naturally taking a taxi is more expensive than taking the train, but trains often stop running around midnight, so taxis are often the only way of getting around once public transportation stops operating. Also In the countryside …

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