Japan – Kindergartens

Children may start Japanese kindergarten at three years old. Classes are divided into 3 year old, 4 year old and 5 year old sections. Kindergartens, called Yochien in Japanese, are supervised by the Ministry of Education, but are not part of the official education system. Approximately more than 8,000 Kindergartens are private, 5,000 kindergartens are …

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China – Schooling

One of the most important decisions a family has to make when moving abroad is which school to choose for their children. In China, the options are increasing all the time. Most expats in China will send their children to an international school, but some public schools also have an international division. • International schools …

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China – Transportation and School Update

Shelley Warner, Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group’s China partner, shares updates on various transport infrastructure improvements along with a school closure in Chongqing. Beijing Traffic Easing Measures Cars with out‐of­‐town plates will no longer be allowed in downtown Beijing without a permit. If caught, drivers will be fined 100 Yuan ($16.49) and have three points deducted …

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