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Thailand – Meeting Etiquette

In general, Thai people are quite relaxed and accommodating to foreigners and will rarely take offense if mistakes are made in relation to common Thai etiquette. That said – as in any country – there are still some important guidelines to keep in mind, concerning certain actions or comments to avoid, and for areas where …

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Philippines – Meeting Etiquette

Doing business in the Philippines relies heavily on personal relationships.  Ideally, introductions should be arranged through a third party.  One must allot a significant amount of time for socializing to build rapport and familiarity. Basic tips: Arrange appointments in advance, but telephone shortly before to reconfirm. Regular office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. …

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Australia – Meeting Etiquette

Face to face discussion is highly valued in Australian business. Naturally there are significant differences between internal meetings, and those with external parties such as clients, suppliers, and other business associates. Internal Meetings: Many ad-hoc discussions between 2 – 4 people, perhaps gathered round a desk, in a shared space, or in a meeting room. …

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Singapore – Meeting Etiquette

Singapore offers a diverse work culture which is very much influenced by its multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural society. Large multi-national companies predominantly have western work practices while the majority of local government and private companies observe more traditional work culture. In any work places, there is usually a mix of ethnic groups and it is …

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India – Implementation of GST

India finally has brought reforms to it’s over complicated tax system by adopting the GST system which goes live from 1st July 2017. GST is a comprehensive tax levy on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods and services at a national level under which no distinction is made between goods and services for levying of …

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New Zealand – Important News for Investors

New Zealand’s Business and Investor categories have seen constant change since they were introduced in the 1980’s. This has resulted in investors needing to meet different criteria and conditions for their residency requirements. Currently New Zealand has two categories for investors which are detailed below: Investor 1 Category This category is structured for high net …

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Taiwan – Holidays and their impact on business

Taiwan’s public holidays are provided for by the Ministry of Labor through the Labor Standards Act and its related Enforcement Rules. The Central Personnel Administration in Taipei regulates all non-working national holidays. In Taiwan, holidays that fall on a Saturday are observed on the previous Friday while holidays fall on a Sunday will be observed …

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Philippines – Holidays and their impact on business

The Philippines is widely known to have a generous number of holidays in a given year. It is the extended, successive holiday that mainly poses a significant effect on various businesses. While holidays are generally renowned for their ability to make people spend more and therefore increase revenues, not all businesses view holidays as positively. …

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