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Philippine Holidays in 2020

With almost 20 public (regular and special non-working) holidays on record, the Philippines – along with Colombia, rank 3rd in the top ten countries in the world with the most number of public holidays. Yet, this number still excludes the special non-working days in the regions, in observance of their respective founding anniversary, not-to-mention the …

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Singapore – 2018/19 Holidays and their effect on business

Holidays wouldn’t hurt your business if you know how to use it to generate sales and drive more revenue to your business.  However, in terms for business trips for meetings or for a mobility overview relocation trip for staff, each country’s gazetted public holidays may cause some inconvenience.  In Singapore there are generally 11 public …

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India – Corruption & Compliance

Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group’s India partner, Rohit Kumar, has written a feature article for the October 2017 issue of Worldwide ERC® Mobility magazine on the topic of corruption & compliance in India. Read the article here our use the button below to download for viewing later. View/Download the 5-page PDF (7.8Mb) View the October 17′ …

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Japan – Meeting Etiquette

Japanese people place a high level of value on etiquette and protocol during any type of business affair, yet generally are very forgiving to foreigners as long as they show respect and make an effort to understand Japanese culture and business customs. Here then are some key aspects of Japanese meeting etiquette: Time: Be punctual …

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India – Meeting Etiquette

India is a vast, populous, democratic, secular and diverse nation encompassing many different entities, languages, cultures and religions. Hence it is very difficult to make generalizations about Indian culture. A good understanding of the underlying values, beliefs and assumptions of Indian culture and how they manifest themselves in the market and workplace is essential for …

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Taiwan – Meeting Etiquette

Taiwanese people are generally courteous and polite and emphasize form and ceremony. To do the “right“ thing is very important. Almost all adults growing up, at one time or another, are influenced by Confucian traditions and values.  Chinese and Western cultures are not only different but often opposite. Understanding the differences may help to make …

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Malaysia – Meeting Etiquette

Some quick tips to beginning a meeting successfully in Malaysia: Dress Code As Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures, it’s best to dress conservatively until you are certain of the level of formality required. For men, suits are usually worn but often without a jacket or tie at less formal meetings due to …

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New Zealand – Meeting Etiquette

New Zealanders are generally friendly outgoing and social, however can be somewhat reserved with people they do not know. Humour goes a long way in New Zealand and as long as people demonstrate respect & honesty, trust will be given. Business Meeting Etiquette Meetings are scheduled ahead of time.  Attendees are expected to be on …

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China – Meeting Etiquette

No matter the country, meetings are an integral part of day-to-day activities within businesses. However, it is often easy to forget that there are different cultural norms and etiquette that need to be considered within the business context. Here are some of our tips for conducting meetings with Chinese businesses. The meeting process is very …

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