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India – Autumn ’18 Relocate Magazine Article

Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group’s India member, IKAN Relocation Services, has written an article for the Autumn issue of Relocate Magazine covering the monumental overturning of discriminatory same-sex laws. To read the article click HERE (link to Relocate Magazine viewer)

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India – Chronicles of an Enlightened India

– A case for Diversity, Inclusion, Equality and Privacy Introduction Bharat, the ancient name for the land presently known as INDIA, is credited to have been a leader in Science and Mathematics even five thousand years back. Bharat was considered the cradle of civilisation with the Indus Valley Civilisation flourishing and famously known as the …

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China – Places of Worship

Places to Worship in Beijing & Shanghai Expatriates coming to live in China will have no difficulty finding places of worship, relevant to their religious belief, in Shanghai and in Beijing.  While there are mosques and Christian churches all over the country, they do not exist in every city. In Beijing and in Shanghai there …

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India – Places of Worship

India’s Preamble as per her constitution calls this country a Democratic, Socialist, Secular, Republic and as a Secular nation, all religions have equal rights to co-exist and each individual is free to choose his or her own religion and practices. India is a Hindu majority country with about 75% of it’s population practicing Hinduism. The …

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Japan – Places of Worship

Shinto and Buddhism are Japan’s two major religions. Shinto is as old as the Japanese culture, while Buddhism was introduced from China in the 6th century, and over time Buddhism divided into several sects. For the majority of Japanese, religion does not play a major role in daily life as they do not practice every …

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Korea – Places of Worship

Places of worship – Seoul Of the Seoulites who practice religion, Protestants account for 49.8%, Buddhists 28.4%, Catholics 14.8% and others 8%. There are 5,959 Protestant churches, 1,107 Buddhist temples, and 176 Catholic churches. The following are religious facilities that provide services in English. Buddhism Buddhism was officially recognized in the years 372 and 384 …

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Malaysia – Places of Worship

Malaysia is a land that is diverse not only in its geographical variety but especially in its people. The tagline for Malaysia is ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ which catches the country’s unique diversity and categorises the charm of Malaysia. Due to many years of immigration, colonisation, and inter-marriages, this Golden Chersonese is now home to ethnic …

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