Country Overview

India Flag

India – The big fat Indian Election!

Introduction 2019 will compose the “Indian general elections” to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha. The first half of the 2019, the media keeps focusing on basically two questions – “How will Rahul Gandhi deliver people’s expectations? and How will Narendra Modi continue his reign as the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy. Yes, India …

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Taiwan Flag

Taiwan – Country Updates

Driving It has been reported by the central News Agency in January that a driver’s license reciprocal agreement between Minnesota and Taiwan is to be signed, making it the 31st state to do so. People with a valid Driver’s License issued in either Minnesota or Taiwan will no longer need to take a road test, …

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Pune Landscape

India – Focus on Pune

Pune – Detroit of India Fortified with hills and abundance natural beauty, the city of Pune served as a capital of Maratha Empire & Monsoon Capital of the Bombay Presidency under the British Empire. Pune (also referred as “Poona”) has always been an important city both for historical and modern India. Pune has long been …

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Malaysia & Selangor Flags

Malaysia – Focus on Selangor

This Abode of Sincerity (the honorific title of the state of Selangor) though moderately sized, has the largest economy in Malaysia, providing 22% of the nation’s GDP, and is one of the most developed states as well. It is diverse in its people as well as its attractions. Selangor boasts natural wonders such as the …

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Goa Beach

India – Focus on Goa

Goa – The Indian Pearl of the Orient The upcoming EuRA Global Conference in Goa is the first EuRA in India and is expected to attract a number of European delegates. IKAN hence felt it prudent to do a small article on Goa for the benefit of it’s friends from overseas giving them a birds …

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Malaysia and Penang Flags

Malaysia – Focus on Penang

When one thinks of Penang (or Pulau Pinang in Malay), the first thing that comes to mind is its glorious plethora of insatiable food. However, food is not the only thing to look out for in Penang, as there are numerous sights and sounds to look out for in the “Pearl of the Orient”. Modern …

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Malaysia and Johor Flags

Malaysia – Focus on Johor

Johor is a highly progressive and developing state in Malaysia. Located on the most southern part of Peninsular Malaysia, Johor has many highlights to explore, be it its beautiful colonial buildings, its unique traditional culture, the diverse and beautiful flora and fauna, and its rich heritage and royal family. Johor’s capital city, Johor Bahru, is …

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India – Focus on Chennai

Chennai is the biggest industrial and commercial centre in Southern India as well as a major cultural, economic and educational centre. Chennai, sometimes referred to as the “Gateway to South India” is also Host to the fourth-largest expatriate population in India after Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Chennai is one of the best places to live …

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Taiwan – Bookstores in Taipei

As one of the travel writer once said, “Taiwan is a hugely underrated gem of Asia, and any time you spend there will be richly rewarded.” All cities offer a diverse range of exquisite beautifies with its own unique scenery of stories and touching moods in its culture.  If you are planning a culture trip …

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