Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group is the marketing vehicle of 12 independent Destination Service Provider companies.

AustraliaWoodhams Relocation
ChinaAsia Pacific
IndiaIKAN Relocation Services India Pvt.
Indonesia #EMC
JapanTokyo Orientations,
MalaysiaPathfinder Relocation Services Sdn.
New ZealandWoburn
PhilippinesAnnexus International Relocation Service
SingaporeAsian Welcome Pte.
ThailandPacific Orientation Relocation

# = Associate Member.

What personal data do we process?

Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group maintains a subscriber mailing list for relocation industry professionals to receive information and updates regarding Relocation and Visa/Immigration for the above-named countries.

Subscribing to our mailing list can be done on our website by clicking the "Subscribe to our mailing list" button.

The data collected is limited to E-mail Address, First Name, Last Name, Position, Company, and Country.

What marketing communications will I receive as a mailing list subscriber?

A subscriber’s e-mail address is used to send the following marketing communications:

  • 3-monthly e-Newsletters on relevant Relocation and Visa/Immigration topics;
  • Invitations to register and attend Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group web events and activities;
  • Invitations to meet Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group at industry conferences and symposiums;
  • Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group announcements.

How do I change my contact details or unsubscribe?

In the e-mail footer of each marketing communications e-mail are two links - 1) for the subscriber to access their data and make any necessary changes and, 2) to unsubscribe.

How is my data safeguarded?

Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group use the MailChimp e-mail marketing platform and access is via a secure and encrypted link (https://). Two factor authentication (2FA) is also used for administrator to access the platform.