South Korea


South Korea – Useful Phrases

South Koreans are speaking “Korean”,  a unique language and they have also unique Korean alphabet called “Hangeul”.  Hangeul, not like Chinese or Japanese, is phonetic.  However, to learn speaking Korean would take time and effort for foreigners. These days South Koreans, especially youngsters are much more exposed to foreign languages including English compared to their …

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South Korea – Cultural Challenges

Yonjoo Oh, Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group’s South Korea partner shares insights into Cultural Challenges in South Korea. Cultural Challenges – South Korea South Korea is a country where people are still working on a hierarchy i.e. in the family, father and mother first then children and among children elder first then younger etc. At work, …

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South Korea – Visa and Immigration Key Facts

Last Updated: 1st October 2016 To learn more, or for assistance with visa and Immigration matters, jump to Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group South Korea’s contact page. Framework for Visa and Immigration Law Immigration Control Laws no. 13440 and its affiliated acts. Approval Authority South Korea Immigration Office which is part of Ministry of Justice. Areas …

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South Korea – Shopping

In South Korea and mainly in Seoul, shopping is done at Department stores, outlet marts, traditional market, convenient stores, and other specialized shops. In department stores and outlet marts (Emart, Home Plus, Electronic marts, Costco etc.), you could find almost everything starting from food, clothes, toys, books, furniture, electronic items, and DIY items etc. In …

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South Korea – Religions

South Korean people are known to be rather religious one way or the other. 40% of the population are Buddhist 40% are Christian (Catholic and protestant included) 10% believe in local superstitions or having mixed beliefs or have new beliefs such as Islam (which is new for South Koreans) Also, around 10% are atheists, which …

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South Korea – Giving Birth and Registration of Birth / Nationality

GIVING BIRTH Among expatriates some young couples happen to give birth to a child during their assignment in South Korea. That implies not only immigration issues for the new baby but also certain cultural issues including health aspects. Most South Korean women, especially those who live in Seoul, go to a special institution called “Post …

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