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Japan – Domestic Helpers

Hiring a domestic helper might be common in many countries, however it’s rare for Japanese families to hire full-time helpers. Some Japanese families hire helpers from local companies, and many also hire such help on special occasions such as when they move out from the apartment/house or do major cleaning such as before New Year’s …

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Japan – Places of Worship

Shinto and Buddhism are Japan’s two major religions. Shinto is as old as the Japanese culture, while Buddhism was introduced from China in the 6th century, and over time Buddhism divided into several sects. For the majority of Japanese, religion does not play a major role in daily life as they do not practice every …

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Japan – Healthcare

The cost of living in Japan can be high, however the health care system is very reasonable. Most clinics and hospitals are part of the Japanese Health Insurance system and charge only 30 percent of the total fee to patients. This is because Japan uses a universal health care system for payment. Most employees are …

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Japan – Cultural Challenges

Here are some examples of cultural challenges that foreigners may encounter upon relocating to Japan. Language barrier Japan is not an English speaking country. Sometimes, it can be even difficult to tell whether the Japanese locals are trying to say YES or NO, as their way of using the words for YES / NO is …

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Japan – Eligibility to Work

Obtaining a proper Long Term Visa is the first thing to be considered before one’s relocation to Japan. The most basic requirement in the process is a proper sponsoring entity, either the Japanese subsidiary of the company for whom the assignee may be employed or a contractual relationship with a Japanese company to sponsor and …

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Japan – Addition to Japan Member Ownership

TOKYO, JAPAN December 20, 2017 RE: Addition to the ownership of Tokyo Orientations Inc. The Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group member for Japan, Tokyo Orientations Inc., is pleased to announce that Mikiko Nakayama, Head of Operations, will be taking an ownership position with the company effective January 1st, 2018. Mikiko has been a valuable team member …

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