Everything You Should Know About Relocating to Japan in 2020

What to take into consideration when relocating to Japan in 2020? Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Covid 19 Coronavirus, and updated immigration rules.

One major new event that will occur this year is the Tokyo 2020 Olympics beginning on July 24th. Even though it is only short term it can be expected to cause serious traffic and train congestion during this time in Tokyo. For expats relocating here the impact on housing availability is a concern but it is difficult to say how great a concern it will be since most expat housing is unfurnished and for long-term rental (over a year). Certainly, we can expect that there will be a huge demand for hotels and furnished apartments. Whether this will spill over to regular housing is somewhat doubtful but these things will need to be taken into consideration more and more as the time gets close. Other areas of the country will be unaffected though.

Also very important at the time of this writing is the impact of the Covid 19 Coronavirus on expat movement in and out of Japan and it is difficult to forecast the extent of the problem in the coming year. Since the situation is in flux it would be best to contact our office for the latest information at any time. We would also encourage all concerned parties to liberally use hand disinfectants and face masks while travelling. Also please be aware that Japan has an excellent medical system both in terms of medical facilities and disease prevention that should also help keep the situation under control, Still this is something that all expats will need to monitor regularly in the coming months.

In regards to immigration, the rules have tightened such that it is no longer possible to come to Japan on a short term visa, apply for and receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and then seek to change one’s visa status without having to leave the country. This is no longer possible. Indeed it is necessary to present the COE to the embassy/consulate in one’s home country to obtain the long term visa.

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