Everything You Should Know About Relocating to Asia-Pacific Countries in 2020

Everything You Should Know About Relocating to Taiwan in 2020

Taiwan began implementing a number of new government policies and measures in 2020. Check the latest changes relating to Getting Around that foreigners living in Taiwan should know.

YouBike - A public bike rental service, has adopted a new membership policy. Previously the process required only the registration of the renter's cellphone and EasyCard numbers. The new policy requires renters to register with a Taiwanese mobile number, an EasyCard, and a Taiwanese ID/ Alien Resident Certificates (ARC), and a birthday. Most existing users can still access the service without inputting the personal data required. This is an effort to enforce personal injury and third-party liability insurance. Renters who do not wish to provide their personal data can use a credit card with a pre-authorized deposit of NT$2,000 for single rentals. The deposit will automatically be cancelled after a five-day period, once the renter does not violate the terms and conditions of the rental system.

Speed cameras are commonly found in Taiwan, both mobile and fixed devices. Now, point-to-point speed measurement came into effect in some tunnels, expressway and road sections throughout Taiwan. Those driving at a speed of more than 60 kilometres per hour in the tunnel could be fined between TWD1,600 to TWD24,000 (USD51~USD80), depending on their speed.

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