COVID-19 in Singapore

COVID-19 in Singapore: Update from Reloc8 Asia Pacific Partner Asian Welcome

As of 18 February, we have 4 new cases and have discharged 5. We would like to share the sentiment on the rising concern of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The outbreak has created fear and anxiety in Singapore, like amongst everyone else in the world. Whilst there are reports on Singaporeans engaging into panic buying of daily necessities on 7 February 2020 when the governments raised the DORSCON (Disease Outbreak Response System Condition) to Orange, the Prime Minister of Singapore stepped in the next day and provided an update on COVID-19 to keep Singaporean informed of the virus, to share the concerns, what to expect, the precautions, the impact of COVID-10, contingency plan, etc.

The panic buying stopped the next day after the Prime Minister’s speech was broadcast on national television.

The Singapore Government has been swift and pro-active to implement measures to ensure minimal disruption to the daily life of its citizens and residents. The priorities are the followings: to implement measures to "keep everybody safe and healthy" in Singapore and making every effort to slow down the spread of the virus. Precautionary measures to be undertaken during this time includes the cancellation of large scale events, restrictions on visitors to pre-school, social and eldercare premises, the implementation of 14 days Stay Home Notice (SHN) to returning Singaporeans or long term pass holders who have returned from China. This is stricter than the existing LOA (Leave of Absence) regime, which had allowed returnees to leave their homes briefly, for example for their meals or to buy household supplies.

In addition, with the announcement of the Singapore Budget on 18 February 2020, a $4 billion package is rolled out to keep workers in jobs, help companies with their cash flow and provide additional support for sectors directly affected by COVID-19.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has praised the Singapore Government's response to combat the outbreak, and that includes testing everyone with influenza-like illness and pneumonia, and so far we have not found evidence of community transmission.

So far we have not found evidence of community transmission.

At Asian Welcome, below are steps and precautionary measures taken guard ourselves against the transmission of the virus:

  1. At the office, the temperature of the employees is taken and recorded twice a day. To step up the business continuity plan, the employees are required to bring their laptop home every day, in case they need to work from home in preparation for unforeseen/sudden widespread community transmissions.
  2. For our subcontractors and agents, we have asked them to practice the same precautionary measure and to make available hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes with them or in their vehicles (to their best ability as there has been a shortage of supply).
  3. Face to Face activities are re-modelled to meet the job’s objectives. For example, one of our banking providers commissions their bankers to visit our Assignee’s serviced apartment or hotel to assist with Bank Account Opening activity instead of having assignees to go to the bank branches.
  4. We are also constantly consulting our Field Consultants to see if it makes sense to re-route or suspend bringing assignees to MRT stations for a briefing on topping up their EZ link card and to avoid hawker centres or supermarkets/wet markets in the program as these are generally crowded areas.

** Note:
1) For visitors who are bound to travel into Singapore, please click on the following for updates on Border Control Measures in Response to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus
2) For pass holders (work pass, in-principle approval (IPA), Dependant’s Pass or Long-Term Visit Pass holders), kindly check the Advisories on 2019-nCOv

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