Tokyo Orientations: What we are doing to keep up with the ever-changing global mobility landscape?

Tokyo Orientations / Reloc8 Asia Pacific – Japan: What We Are Doing to Keep Up with the Ever-Changing Global Mobility Landscape?

Better harvesting the information available from the internet, via a specialized research person assisting our relocation teams, has enabled a considerable upgrade to the quality of the information we are bringing our clients. Likewise a more satisfactory relocation experience for all concerned.

The greatest improvement made in the last few years is the creation of an exclusive staff position, where their sole responsibility is to research the internet to respond more accurately and efficiently to our clients’ specific needs. The internet is a vast information resource and the information available – in English in Japan - is getting broader and more detailed all the time. Tokyo Orientations use it for everything from finding medical assistance in different areas of Tokyo or Japan, researching sports and athletic facilities (i.e. where can one participate in hockey, curling, etc.) to sourcing various educational services and opportunities, etc.

Reloc8 Asia Pacific – Japan has found having an exclusive internet researcher role allows the other members of the relocation team to focus on the other areas of our relocation service.

Exclusive internet researcher role allows the other members of the relocation team to focus on the other areas of our relocation service.

It allows an important area of specialization in our relocation team that all members can access. We have been particularly pleased with the higher quality information we can glean from the internet, the greater speed with which we can produce it, and the clearer way we can present it to our clients… all enabled through this more specialized set-up.

How does this happen?

Creating this area of expertise has enabled us to improve the service across the entire range of information we provide our clients. Research specialization enables this designated staff member the time and experience to become more efficient at a wide range of research tasks. Instead of having each of our Client Relations Managers (CRM) trying to conduct one or two information searches per day, we have them send their research item to our specialist who conducts 10 or 20 searches per day, packages it neatly, and provides the information back to the CRM for distribution to the client. Our researcher excels with increased practice and experience. Their ability to harvest information and present it in a clear and straightforward manner improves incrementally….as such, so does our entire service delivery.

The end result is that we are providing a better relocation experience catering more specifically to the individual client’s needs.

Tokyo Orientations was founded in 1983 to assist expatriate families in their moves to Japan. We provide companies and individuals with relocation solutions to make the transition as smooth and cost-effective as possible.