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It has been reported by the central News Agency in January that a driver’s license reciprocal agreement between Minnesota and Taiwan is to be signed, making it the 31st state to do so.

People with a valid Driver's License issued in either Minnesota or Taiwan will no longer need to take a road test, but will still need to take a written test to obtain a license in the reciprocal jurisdiction.  This is very good news for not only Taiwan – US relations but also for business people, students and tourists. Due to the constant changing status of the driving new regulations and requirements, it is suggested to always consult with your destination consultant for the most current policy for readiness prior to your arrival.


Other good news includes the U.S. President Donald Trump signing the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act on December 31st 2018 which was the day 40 years ago that the Taiwan Relations Act became official. Such actions obviously promote mutual trust and stability as Taiwan and the U.S.A continue to enjoy a friendly relationship.

Extended Holidays of 2019

The Directorate- General of Personnel Administration of Taiwan has just released this year’s holiday calendar. Total number of holidays and weekends in 2019 will be 115 days including 6 long weekends lasting three days or longer.

These six extended (inclusive of weekends) public holidays are:

Lunar New Year Holiday – February 02-10
228 Peace Memorial Day – Feb. 28-March 03
Children's Day/ Tomb Sweeping Day - April 04-07
Dragon Boat Festival - June 07- 09
Mid-Autumn Festival – Sept. 13-15
Founding Day of the Republic of China – Oct. 10-13

The Year of the Dog is approaching an end with the Year of the Pig is on the way. Pig is a symbol of prosperity, fertility and luck. According to the Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Pig is a great year for wealth, good investment, a year full of joy, friendship and love for all zodiac signs. Wishing all our readers a Happy New Year of the Pig with Prosperity and Lots of Good Luck!