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Singapore – 1st April 2019 Changes to Immigration Issuance & Renewal Fees

From 1 April 2019, there will be adjustments to the application and issuance / renewal fees for Employment Pass, S Pass, Work Permit and other passes.

In view of the increased administrative fees, applications should be thoroughly reviewed prior to submission. Any errors will result in rejection and a re-submission will be required. Initial application fees will not be re-funded.

*Currency in Singapore Dollars

Singapore Admin Fees 1

Table 1: Administrative Fees for Employment Pass, S Pass, Work Permit

Singapore Admin Fees 2

Table 2:  Administrative Fees for Other Passes

Additional Information:

Minimum Qualifying Salary for S Pass.

The minimum qualifying salary for S Pass will take place in two stages. From 1st January 2019, the qualifying salary will go up from S$2,200 to S$2,300. The second increase to S$2,400 will take place from January 2020.

  • S Passes due to expire between Jan 1 and June 30, 2019, can be renewed for up to one year, based on existing salary requirements.
  • S Passes due to expire after July 1, 2019, will only be renewed if they are able to meet the new minimum qualifying monthly salary. This requirement is expected to increase with the length of the applicant’s working experience.