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Philippines – Shortage of 9A Visa Stickers

The Bureau of Immigration is currently experiencing shortage on the 9A (Temporary Visitor) visa stickers based on the “Note with Recommendation” addressed to the Immigration Commissioner.

BACKGROUND: For the past years, the visa sticker is placed on the passport when requesting for a 9A visa extension. However, the supplies for these stickers have reached a critical level on the end of August. Hence, the Bureau has implemented the contingency plan.

WHAT HAPPENS NOW: To address the shortage issue as well as not to hamper the Bureau’s operations, the 9A visa will now be stamped on the official receipt as proof of extension of stay and the sticker fee will be temporarily removed from the system.

Philippines 9A Visa Sticker Shortage

WHO ARE AFFECTED: Foreign nationals who are extending their stay in the Philippines for tourism, business and employment.