Malaysia – Using a Housing Agent or Realtor to Ease the Home Search Process

Why using a housing agent/realtor can ease the home search process for an expatriate…

Searching for a new home can be a stressful and exhausting process. What more if you are moving to another country, with a different culture and way of doing things. If you will be moving with your family, that will be an added worry as you would need to juggle between their safety, the distance to your child’s new school, how convenient would it be for your spouse to move about, and the distance and time taken to reach your new workplace. You would also need to consider the budget allocated and whether the housing area suits you and your family as expatriates.

Yes, you could go online and do some research, but you would not really get a “feel” of the properties just based on pictures and words. This is where the house-hunting process comes into effect as the field consultant would accompany you to the local expatriate areas and provide invaluable advice of the surroundings. Also by using an experienced realtor, your mind would be at ease as the realtor would provide options for properties based on your requirements, taking into consideration things like International Schools for your children, good shopping avenues, together with information on the closest expatriate social meet-up places which would enhance your living conditions in your new country.

Below are four reasons why using a realtor can be a benefit:

  1. Based on your requirements, the realtor would provide a list of properties within your budget and needs, minimising your concerns.
  2. The realtor would provide a guided tour of the properties and would provide invaluable insight into the surrounding areas, i.e. shopping, schools, etc.
  3. If you have set your heart on a property, the realtor can start the negotiating process, with the assurance that your best interest is taken care of.
  4. A house inspection will be conducted prior to move-in, following up on any repairs, etc.

By using a local realtor, you would have a lighter load to carry knowing that trained professionals with vast local knowledge are at hand assisting them in getting the perfect home.

Reloc8 Asia Pacific – Malaysia  have a panel of carefully appointed realtors. We do not take any commission thus ensuring that your well-being is our prime concern. We are also committed to ensuring we are available to support should there be any issues with your property during your tenancy.