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China – Places of Worship

Places to Worship in Beijing & Shanghai

Expatriates coming to live in China will have no difficulty finding places of worship, relevant to their religious belief, in Shanghai and in Beijing.  While there are mosques and Christian churches all over the country, they do not exist in every city.

In Beijing and in Shanghai there are Christian churches of several denominations and at least one will hold a weekly service in English. However, most expatriate Christians will attend one of the two Christian fellowships, with foreign priests, that run services on Sundays. According to Chinese law, only foreign passport holders (including people from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) can attend religious meetings led by overseas teachers and priests. Attendance at these fellowships, therefore, is only allowed on presentation of a non-Chinese passport (or ID in the case of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan).
Please note that it is illegal for expatriates to proselytize about religion in China.

The following are some places of worship that offer services in English in Beijing and in Shanghai.


Chabad Lubavitch of Beijing (
Add.: Fang Yuan Xi Lu, next to the south gate of Si De Park / Tel.: 010 6438 8802 / 139 1074 0109
Kehillat Beijing (
Add.: 3/F, Capital Mansion Athletic Center, 6 Xinyuan Nan Lu, Chaoyang District (southwest corner of Capital Mansion compound) / Tel.: 139 0136 7354

Congregation of the Good Shepherd (
3/F, Capital Mansion Athletic Center, 6 Xinyuan Nan Lu, Chaoyang District (southwest corner of Capital Mansion compound) /Email:

Beijing International Christian Fellowship (BICF) (
Add.: 21st Century Theatre, 40 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District / Tel.: 010 8454 3468
This is the most popular Christian service among expatriates in Beijing. There are several services on a Sunday. It is essential to bring your overseas passport to gain attendance.

There are four major catholic churches in Beijing: the South, North, East and West Cathedrals.  The most popular among expatriates, because it has a regular English service and is closest to where most expatriates live, is the East Cathedral (Dong Tang), St Joseph’s Church.
Add: 74 Wangfujing Street, Dong Cheng
Ph: 65240634; 65212162
Every Sunday there is an English Mass at 4pm

Islam (English service not available)
Dongsi Mosque (Fa Ming Si)
Add.: 13 Dongsi Nan Dajie, Dongcheng District / Tel.: 010 6525 7824
Niujie Mosque
Add.: 18 Niu Jie, Xicheng District / Tel.: 010 6353 2564


Chabad Jewish Centre of Pudong
Add.: 2B, Bldg 11, Lane 99, Puming Lu, Pudong District / Tel.: 021 5878 2008
Shanghai Jewish Centre
Add.: 1720 Hong Qiao Lu, Villa 1, Shangmira Garden, Gubei / Tel.: 021 6278 0225

Jesus Sacred Heart Church
Add.: 151 Hong Feng Lu, Jinqiao, Pudong District
English-language mass Sundays at 10:30am. Popular with expats living in Pudong.
St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church
Add.: 270 Chongqing Nan Lu, near Fuxing Lu.
English Service at 5pm Saturday, 10:30am Sunday. Popular with expats. Tel: 021 6467 0198

Abundant Grace International Christian Fellowship (AGIF) (
Add.: 455 Hong Feng Road near Ming Yue Road / Tel.: 021 6886 1235
Shanghai Community Church
Add.: 53 Heng Shan Road, Puxi District (corner of Wulumuqi Nan Lu and Heng Shan Lu) / Tel.: 021 6437 6576
Services Sunday Afternoons 4.00pm, Sunday school ages 2-18. Possibly Shanghai’s most popular Christian service for expats.
It is important to bring an overseas passport to gain attendance at these two Protestant services.

Islam (English service not available)
Fuyou Lu Mosque
Add.: 378 Fuyou Lu / Tel: 021 6328 2135
Huxi Mosque
Add.: 3 Lane 1328, Changde Lu / Tel.: 021 6277 2076