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India – First Green Field Restaurant

Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group’s India partner, IKAN Relocation Services, introduce an initiative to constantly add value for it’s customers.

Ichiri – Japanese kitchen is India’s first green field restaurant/industrial kitchen projects.

Ichiri has been designed keeping in mind the need for authentic Japanese cuisine by the expat ecosystem during their long stay in India. Starting with the first project at Vithalapur, 100 km from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Ichiri proposes to create a footprint in other key cities in INDIA.

Ichiri is positioned as an exclusive kitchen service provider for captive Japanese dormitory/ residency units as well as kitchen services inside Japanese Industrial complexes in remote project locations.

The key differentiators for Ichiri are its food quality, which is derived from authentic Japanese ingredients imported specially for Ichiri, quantity and adaptable service standards.

Ichiri, understands the needs of its guests who are staying long durations away from home in an alien environment. Hence it is imperative that they not only get nutritious and healthy food but exciting options out of daily fare. To this effort Ichiri changes its menu every month for breakfast, lunch and dinners. starting with Tamagoyaki, Shiro Miso and rice along with staple accompaniments for breakfast through the veritable choices of Donburi, Soba, Udon, Yaki, katsu, Ramen, Curry, etc for lunch and dinner, Ichiri also takes care of its guests in time of delicate health by serving Okayu with Omeboshi.

In one word Ichiri – Japanese Kitchen is your private kitchen away from home.