Japan – Personal Care: Nail Salons

Japan’s nail salons are popular for their extraordinary technique and high quality of service.
The creativity of Japanese nail art with its finely detailed designs and 3D decorations is outstanding.
One thing one should try at a Japanese nail salon is gel nail which can be applied onto natural nails and cured using UV or LED light so there is no need to wait for drying. Gel nail is resistant to peeling and helps strengthen nails, and looks more natural than Acrylics.

Here is the flow of the usual gel nail service:

1. Shaping nails and length

First choose the shapes one wants such as Square, Square off (squoval), Round, Oval, Point (Almond) etc.

2. Designs and color

Secondly, while polishing ones nails, there is time to choose ones preferred design and color. Most salons display photos of samples or photobooks of their designs for the customers to view.
It is also okay to bring designs or patterns one wish to have put on.

3. After your nails are done

Lastly the nail artist will put lotion or oil and give the client a hand massage. Some of the salons serve hot tea afterwards.

Appointment preferred

Walk-ins are welcome for most of the salons, however appointments are highly recommended.


It costs around 4,000JPY to 15,000 JPY (USD 35 to 130) depending on the nail salon and the designs you choose.
If you put on more stones, or more intricate painting, it will be more expensive.