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Japan – Eligibility to Work

Obtaining a proper Long Term Visa is the first thing to be considered before one’s relocation to Japan. The most basic requirement in the process is a proper sponsoring entity, either the Japanese subsidiary of the company for whom the assignee may be employed or a contractual relationship with a Japanese company to sponsor and employ the assignee.The first step towards obtaining a Long Term Visa is obtaining a document called the Certificate of Eligibility or COE.  Once we receive the COE we then forward it to the assignee to take to their local Japanese embassy with their passports to have their visas stamped in.

The most typical working visas that enable you to work for private companies in Japan are the following 5 types

Engineer / Specialist in Humanities, International Services (for those who would be locally hired by the company in Japan)

Requirements: For Engineer and specialist in Humanities, the applicant needs a university degree in the corresponding field or 10 years of professional experience. For international services, 3 year experience in the corresponding field is required except for interpreters, translators, and language instructors which only require a university degree.

Intra-company Transferee (for those who will remain in the foreign pay roll)

Requirements: The Applicant must have been employed outside Japan by a component part of the recipient organization for at least one year prior to being transferred to Japan.

Skilled labor (Cook, Architectural Engineer, Repair technician, etc.)

Requirements: It varies depending on the job category to which the applicant belongs. Typically 3-10 years professional experience in the corresponding fields (including the period of training).

Business Manager (for those who have intentions of newly doing business in Japan or engage in investment in any existing enterprise)

Requirements: Physically-existing, dedicated office space would need to be secured along with 5 million yen capital to launch the business. Company establishment requires other knowledge as it involves not only regulations of the Commercial code but also involves various regulations governed by immigration laws.

Highly-skilled professional (Introduced in May, 2012)

Requirements: Points are given according to the applicant’s educational level and professional background, income and academic achievement. If the applicant is evaluated at 70 points or more, a special visa status is given which includes the following preferential treatment – enables 5 year visa, simplified and preferential processing for visa and immigration, possibility of hiring domestic helper, etc.