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Thailand – Furniture Rental

When relocating to or from Thailand, just as with any other country, a number of occasions may occur in which renting furniture is the obvious solution to ensure a smooth relocation process or just a perfectly comfortable stay as an expat. Besides the fact that some rental properties are rented out semi-furnished or unfurnished - where a furniture rental option naturally comes in handy - there very often are ‘transition logistics’ to consider when moving foreign expats in-and-out of Thailand.

For example, as many expats choose to bring along some of their favorite furniture, for their multiple-year posting abroad, that furniture will typically be shipped by sea freight, which easily implies a 6-8 weeks wait (or more) at the receiving end for long-distance relocations. A similar, albeit reverse, situation may arise on repatriation or move-out from Thailand, as the relocating expat may wish to ship off furniture to have it ready on arrival to the new destination. Of course, there will still be a need for basic furniture at the Thailand property until the date of the personal move.

Among the many good reasons to opt for renting furniture in Thailand as an (relocating) expat we have listed just a few here:

  • Have more flexibility to live exactly where you want, even if the apartment you love the most doesn’t come with furniture – or only partly.
  • Avoid the typically hefty sunken costs of shipping furniture. Enough said.
  • If you’ve already shipped your furniture to your new home, you don’t have to live in a furniture-less apartment while you wait for it to arrive. You can rent for the meantime and won’t have to lift a finger.
  • Save yourself the time and trouble to go shopping for new furniture when you have a million other things to do.
  • Enjoy using nicer furniture than you could have afforded if you had to buy new items.
  • It’s more than furniture! You can rent everything from quality pots, pans and kitchen utensils, to cleaning supplies and a welcome basket with household necessities like toilet paper or shampoo.
  • Arrange pre-delivery to start living in your new place the minute you walk in.
  • Forget worrying about depreciation of your furniture. The rental company will take it back whenever you stop needing it.
  • Take advantage of flexible rental terms. You can easily rent from one month to five years.
  • It’s ok if you don’t like what you selected. With rentals, you can test out any item from the large range of high quality furniture available at any time.

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