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New Zealand – More House Lease Changes

Continuing on from our article explaining that leases may no longer be in any person’s name and payments need to be in the name of the tenant, we are now seeing more house lease changes.

Auckland, New Zealand has the largest number of people coming in for short and long-term stays.  The housing market is HOT with demand well outweighing the supply. Because of this property agents in Auckland (only applies to Auckland) are now not allowing any lease to be signed without the property being viewed by the individual that will live in the property.

Agents have had too many issues with properties being leased ‘sight unseen’ and then the individuals trying to get out of the lease due to the property not being what they thought when they arrive. It is causing stresses to the property managers and with such high demand they know they really don’t have to deal with it as the properties will be let regardless.

To note due to the above changes:  There is no ‘cooling off’ period on securing a lease in NZ – once a lease is signed, it is enforced. Relocation consultants cannot secure a lease on a property on behalf of an assignee that is outside of the country.  Consultants however can still pre-view properties for clients with the understanding that should it be suitable, the tenant would also physically view.