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Taiwan – Finding a home away from home

Taiwan is one of the safest countries to live. Rental properties in Taiwan are the same as you would find in other developed countries. In cities such as Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, space is at a premium. Rental prices are very high and apartments tend to be smaller. If you are coming from North America whereas the sizes of housings are incomparable, you have to compromise the desirable in terms of the size of the market availability.

Finding an ideal home away from home can be a complex matter due ti the lack of knowledge regarding  the styles and availability of the rental housings in the new host city. Landlords open their doors to everyone. Closure of the leasing premises happens when someone makes the most favorable offer the soonest.

Rental Properties – Online property platforms

There are various online property platforms with rental listings transferees may reference to and get a feel of the housing availability.

Some of the marketing gimmicks to be aware of:

  • Lacking transparency of landlord’s or housing agent’s credibility and legitimacy of the leasing premises.
  • Deficiency of English in communication with tenant for housing related matters. Posted properties are listed with a lowered pricing than the actual to attract people interests.
  • Properties listed actually have been rented out long time ago, the agents will instead show you properties of a higher budget.
  • There are many hidden costs e.g., excluding the compulsory tax, and other associated rental fees.
  • Agents collect the finder fee upon lease signing day and disregarded all post moved-in coordination during the tenancy.

Special notes: It is recommended to always ask your corporate destination consultant to verify the information accuracy of the housings surfed online.

Rental Properties – Advantages of using a certified real estate agency

Real estate agencies are strictly regulated to obtain the required license to perform business in Taiwan. It is recommended to work with your destination consulting team and the trusted panel of real estate agencies.

Benefits of using the trusted real estate agencies are:

  • Familiarization on client-specific process and corporate leasing nuances and due diligence required.
  • Accredited and certified with lengthy expertise in current market.
  • Will only render a one-time finders fee (an amount equal to ½ – 1 month’s rent). No extra fee will be levied upon tenancy renewals.
  • Cover the maintenance/communicate on all issues with the landlord during the tenancy.