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Singapore – Visa and Immigration Key Facts

Last Updated: September 2017

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Framework for Visa and Immigration Law

  • Immigration Act.
  • Employment of Foreign Manpower Act.

Approval Authority

  • Ministry of Manpower.

Areas of Risk

  • Company applying for Work Pass is not incorporated in Singapore (application must be sponsored by a local company).
  • Newly established company will need to provide a lot of information to satisfy MOM on the need to sponsor an expatriate to work in Singapore.
  • Applicant unable to meet minimum criteria for salary, educational qualification or experience. e.g. Lack of Tertiary education or the education is not from recognised institutions.
  • Position can be filled by local workforce (employer must advertise the position in the Jobs Bank for 14 days if the fixed monthly salary is less than S$12,000.

Processing Times (principal visa category for international assignments)

  • System is very efficient if all requirements have been met. Processing from time of submission is 3 weeks for established companies in Singapore
    However, for start-ups, the processing time is longer as the Ministry will require more information about the company and its business

What are the fees charged by the Government for the main visa category (assuming a family of 4)

  • USD 250 – Main applicant.
  • USD 720 – Spouse and 2 children.

Please note: in some countries government charges vary by nationality of applicant, age of dependents, and other factors. In addition charges are subject to change from time to time.