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South Korea – Visa and Immigration Key Facts

Last Updated: September 2017

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Framework for Visa and Immigration Law

  • Immigration Control Laws no. 13440 and its affiliated acts.

Approval Authority

  • South Korea Immigration Office which is part of Ministry of Justice.

Areas of Risk

  • Short term visas under 90 days are handled by Consular located in each country, not from the Immigration Office.
  • There are many areas which could depend on the Managing Officer for the case and many supplementary documents could be requested.
  • If the invited position could be filled by South Korean workforce (by the judgment of the immigration officer) the case may be declined.

Processing Times (principal visa category for international assignments)

  • Recently the screening is tightened and the timeline may be extended. Usually from collection of documents until getting approval of the visa will take 8 to 10 weeks.

What are the fees charged by the Government for the main visa category (assuming a family of 4)

  • USD 450

Please note: in some countries government charges vary by nationality of applicant, age of dependents, and other factors. In addition charges are subject to change from time to time.