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Phillippines – Christmas Holiday Shopping

For the Philippines, shopping has become so much of a hobby that it is part of the culture and christmas holiday shopping is no exception. Filipinos from different walks of life whether they are super rich that live in the most exclusive villages and high rise condominiums or from the over populated residential areas, netizens will visit the Mall as a form of fun. Despite being considered a third world country, every town / district has a shopping Mall and we are not talking about a handful of ships inside a small building. These are modern shopping malls with high end stores and all types of restaurants from fast foods to the most expensive fine dining restaurants and first class movie theaters.

For Filipinos, Christmas is not complete without filling every corner of the house with red and green décor, attending or hosting family reunions and—of course—gift-giving. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor. if you’re a Filipino, it’s in your blood to share your blessings with the people around you during the festive season.

Filipinos are Christmas-obsessed particularly the gift-shopping aspect of it. While some wait until the last minute to even think about what gifts to get their loved ones, research found that there’s a minority, like four (4%) percent that starts their “online research for Christmas items to buy” as early as July. The number increases every month until it reaches fever pitch in November, in which thirty six (36%) percent of online Filipino respondents scour the Web for all things Christmas. By December, only nineteen (19%) percent are left to begin making their Christmas list. Most often Filipinos follow recommendations from family and friends what to give or where to shop for Christmas gifts.

The most popular Christmas-related items for Filipino shoppers are clothing and accessories, foodstuffs and toys, tech items and beauty products. Old-fashioned gifts seemed to have gone out of style, as flowers and greeting cards are collectively only purchased by senior citizens or from old school Filipinos.

Another popular type of shopping is going to one of the many Bazaars and these are not just at Christmas time. Kindly check out this link below as an example of what and how many bazaars are on offer here

➢ Opening Hours

Opening hours in shopping malls and shops in high end area are set throughout the year , however, during the holiday season , most Malls are open for 12 to 16 hours to accommodate shoppers and last minute shoppers before Christmas .