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New Zealand – (still) A Great Place to Live

As many of you already know, New Zealand had an earthquake earlier this month. We’re all ok and the vast majority of infrastructure and buildings went unscathed. New Zealand is well prepared for earthquakes and any possible Tsunami, making us one of the safest places to be in the world during an emergency.

Some roads were closed due to debris and many kind hearted kiwis thought nothing of lending a hand to a stranger, giving them a bed for the night and a cuppa around a warm fire. Kiwi culture always shines through in times like this and many community centres and organisations and volunteers offering food, homes and company at this time.
New Zealand BBQ Image
Just last week, June was talking with a client about the earthquake and they told her, “New Zealand is still the best country in the world.” This isn’t something kiwi’s think about often, and we forget we’re lucky enough to live in paradise every day. So, June went online and found a few recent reminders of how great a place New Zealand is:

New Zealand wins best country in the world for the fourth year in a row
This video: New Zealand Dethrones Singapore as Easiest Place to Do Business
NZ Best Place In World To Do Business
Record breaking net migration and visitor numbers continue

New Zealand is a popular place for start up businesses because it has the fastest growing economy in the developed world. New Zealand boasts a fewer number of procedures to set up a business and these can also be done quicker than anywhere else in the developed world.

New Zealand, it truly is a welcoming home for all.