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China Immigration Update

Below are the latest China Immigration Updates

1. In the past, the Shanghai labor Bureau would accept a scanned version of the Reference Letter as part of the application process for a Chinese working visa . This is no longer accepted. The Reference Letter must be an original. (The Reference Letter is one of the required documents for the Employment License (EL) application. It is signed by a previous and/or current employer and provides evidence of working experience in terms of time and relevance to the position being applied for)

2. If a Work Permit is valid for more than one year, an annual inspection of the Work Permit needs to be carried out before the expiry date, otherwise, the Shanghai Labor Bureau will automatically start to cancel the Work Permit from the system after 3 months. If this happens, the employer will need to re-apply for a fresh Work Permit for the employee by going through the entire process again from the Employment License application to Work Permit completion.

3. The Shanghai Exit-Entry Bureau has strictly enforced a regulation that requires foreign employees to give the bureau notice when information on their Residence Permit (RP) changes. Foreign residents must report any changes to the information registered in their permits, for those who move into new accommodation, they need to report the address change and register into the PSB website within 30 days. For those who have got a new passport, they need to do the RP transfer from the old passport into a new one within 30 days.

4. In the future, official government invitation letters will no longer be issued for Business Visitor visas (M visa) in Beijing and Shanghai. An individual who needs to come to China on a business visit, will need to receive an invitation letter from a Chinese or foreign company registered in Shanghai or Beijing.