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China – Schooling

One of the most important decisions a family has to make when moving abroad is which school to choose for their children.

In China, the options are increasing all the time. Most expats in China will send their children to an international school, but some public schools also have an international division.

• International schools
International schools in China are usually tuition-driven private schools and are not required to follow the Chinese public school curriculum. Most international schools are well-resourced and often have elite college preparatory programs, such as Advanced Placement or IB Diploma Programme. Only children with foreign passports and children from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan may addend these schools. Most schools also ask students will need to provide a valid visa or resident permit for the same city.

• Local schools
These international divisions may enroll both local and expatriate children. They offer many features of international schools but are often less expensive and less diverse.

Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou have the largest concentration of international schools, but all medium-sized cities have at least one or two schools. Some of the best international schools in Beijing are Yew Chung International School, Australian International School Beijing and Beijing BISS International School. In Shanghai, you have British International School Shanghai, Dulwich School Shanghai, Shanghai American School, etc. In Guangzhou you have, American International School of Guangzhou, The British School of Guangzhou and The French International School of Guangzhou.

Most schools ask for previous schools records. Some international schools ask require a test or exam during the admission process or a reference from a previous teacher.