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Thailand – Giving Birth and Registration of Birth / Nationality


Thailand is an excellent place to bring up an expatriate family. Private education is at the highest standard and the private health care system works very well indeed.

When thinking about expanding the family, you may initially wish to have the baby in your own country. However, before making a decision, it would be worthwhile to consult with your local private hospital for proper care and advise. After all, most families chose to have the baby in Thailand.

All the main international hospitals provide specialized maternity services and consultation to their foreign clients. Please see some references below:


Once a baby is born, the hospital will help you with the proper local registration. In addition to the local registration, you should also register the baby with your Embassy. Please follow the Embassy’s guidelines for registration and inclusion in your passport.

BAMBI is the leading forum for Mothers and Babies in Bangkok, and has a wealth of information and data for pregnant women and parents of young children of all nationalities.

Last update: 27 February 2020

Pacific Orientation Relocation Services has provided specialized relocation services in Thailand for nearly 20 years. We are an owner/managed company but our clients range among the largest international corporations with the presence in Thailand. As a trusted supplier we naturally comply with all of their regulations and requirements, including regular training and learning sessions.

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