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Taiwan – Giving Birth and Registration of Birth / Nationality


Taiwan has a national health system. Once enrolled, legal foreigners will receive equivalent medical insurance coverage as all citizens in Taiwan. There is a requirement for foreign nationals working in Taiwan to undergo a health examination within a month of their arrival in the country at a local clinic, including an HIV test, vaccination for Japanese B encephalitis may be required before they can legally reside in Taiwan and hold an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).

All ARC holders (including dependents) are required to make monthly contributions to the National Health Insurance System and are entitled to full coverage for medical and dental treatment. Monthly contributions are around TWD 700 (USD 22), with co-payments of TWD 200 (USD 6.5) being payable for each visit to a medical practitioner. Employers and the government also make contributions for each person insured.

For pregnant dependents receiving full coverage of medical expenses during pregnancy, she has to stay in Taiwan longer than 6 consecutive months (can only be out of Taiwan once with no more than 30 days exit upon the receipt of the ARC).

A high percentage of hospitals and clinics in Taiwan are privately owned, but deliver services under the National Health Insurance system. In general, healthcare in Taiwan is of a high standard, and many doctors have trained in the west and can speak English. Some major medical expenses are not covered by the insurance, but generally speaking, medical costs are relatively low in Taiwan compared to most western countries.

When a pregnancy is confirmed, a woman can visit a National Health Insurance (NHI) hospital to begin her pregnancy care or choose a private hospital or clinic. A woman can choose at which hospital she wishes to receive care; getting a good recommendation from your host country consultant is often a good way to further reference. At the hospital a woman is given a health check and can apply for a “Pregnant Women’s Health Manual” of which she should always take along with the NHI card for every check.

Additional benefits for both foreign working national and pregnant dependent are:

Foreign working national

• 5 days paid paternity leave

Foreign pregnant working national

• 5 days paid pre-birth leave
• Pregnancy leave – 30 days with pay (medical certificate, can’t exceed 365 days within 2 years max)
• 56 days maternity leave


A new born baby will be entitled to National Health Insurance System in Taiwan 6 months after the issuance of legal residence visa with the following requirements:

Birth certificate (within 30 days after birth) + Passport + 2 each 2” photos
It is suggested to check his/her country representative and/or consulate offices for details of the birth registration processes at: