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Practical advice across the region.

Increasingly, organisations are seeking regional solutions when relocating staff and their families. Practical, effective relocation assistance allows expatriate staff to prepare, adjust, and settle more easily in their new overseas destination.

Also, with the increase in individuals and families being provided a lump sum with which to purchase all their relocation requirements, we are on hand to provide support, advice, and value.

Having a desire to really look after the people who need your help has been crucial

I really thrive on receiving fabulous evaluations from assignees who have settled into their new location and are now really thriving with their new life. I absolutely love solving problems for our clients and ensuring that those key personnel that they want to move are thoroughly looked after – says ...
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There have been many challenges and rewards that I have learned from running the business and I appreciate them all

I never imagined that I would still be running the same business 33 years later. A niche that started as a result of an American businessman’s comment “it’s so difficult to do business in the Philippines” created the idea to form a company with the primary purpose of providing a ...
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We have to adapt to new lifestyles or working practices in order to survive

During the outbreak, we have provided clients with timely updates on border control and post-arrival quarantine regulations; we have implemented different measures to protect our customers and team members during face-to-face meetings indoors – says Mich Chu, the General Manager of Eastgate Relocation. Mich Chu – the General Manager of ...
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Finding solutions in this unique and sometimes tough market is very rewarding

In Korea, the concept of relocation services was new 20 years ago so to introduce this business model seemed quite exciting. It was not easy to convince the market that the services we provided had to be paid for (in many respects Korean people believe that a “service item” means ...
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