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Practical advice across the region.

Increasingly, organisations are seeking regional solutions when relocating staff and their families. Practical, effective relocation assistance allows expatriate staff to prepare, adjust, and settle more easily in their new overseas destination.

Also, with the increase in individuals and families being provided a lump sum with which to purchase all their relocation requirements, we are on hand to provide support, advice, and value.

Philippine Holidays in 2020

With almost 20 public (regular and special non-working) holidays on record, the Philippines - along with Colombia, rank 3rd in the top ten countries in the world with the most number of public holidays. Yet, this number still excludes the special non-working days in the regions, in observance of their ...
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Philippines – Household Help

For a number of countries, household help living within the same premises as their employer is not widely practice. In the Philippines, having household help or “kasambahay” has always been a part of local custom and culture. While the Filipinos’ will always prefer to hire help by word of mouth ...
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Sinulog Festival

Philippines – Cultural Guidance 2020

The Filipinos are known for their hospitality, warmth, and many unique traits, developed and cultivated by centuries of colonial rule, and influenced by a rich culture and traditions passed down from generation to generation. Residents in key regional cities all the way to far flung rural areas can understand and ...
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Everything You Should Know About Relocating to Japan in 2020

What to take into consideration when relocating to Japan in 2020? Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Covid 19 Coronavirus, and updated immigration rules. One major new event that will occur this year is the Tokyo 2020 Olympics beginning on July 24th. Even though it is only short term it can be expected ...
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