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Practical advice across the region.

Increasingly, organisations are seeking regional solutions when relocating staff and their families. Practical, effective relocation assistance allows expatriate staff to prepare, adjust, and settle more easily in their new overseas destination.

Also, with the increase in individuals and families being provided a lump sum with which to purchase all their relocation requirements, we are on hand to provide support, advice, and value.

Cultural Training

Malaysia – Cultural Training for Expats and Families

Everyone in the world today is somewhat connected. Globalisation is no longer just a buzzword but a reality to so many, for the expatriates, is a given. The world is smaller as travel is faster and connection done virtually in seconds. Nonetheless, there is a whole new world with variances ...
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ichiri japanese kitchen logo

India – First Green Field Restaurant

Reloc8 Asia Pacific Group's India partner, IKAN Relocation Services, introduce an initiative to constantly add value for it’s customers. Ichiri - Japanese kitchen is India’s first green field restaurant/industrial kitchen projects. Ichiri has been designed keeping in mind the need for authentic Japanese cuisine by the expat ecosystem during their ...
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Television Image

Singapore – TV moves from Analog to Digital

By the end of 2018, analogue broadcasting will be taken down in Singapore, which would mean that all TVs would need to be in the digital format. Digital transmissions allow broadcasters to send more signals more efficiently, enabling viewers to receive higher quality images and sound. After a six-year campaign ...
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TheMIGroup Award to Asian Welcome Featured Image

Singapore – TheMIGroup Award

The Supply Chain Management department of TheMIGroup presented the TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network® Awards for 2017 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The Luncheon took place at the site of the EuRA International Relocation Congress and was hosted by Dwayne Waldrop and Theresa Banbor. The Awards are a celebration and recognition of the ...
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