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Practical advice across the region.

Increasingly, organisations are seeking regional solutions when relocating staff and their families. Practical, effective relocation assistance allows expatriate staff to prepare, adjust, and settle more easily in their new overseas destination.

Also, with the increase in individuals and families being provided a lump sum with which to purchase all their relocation requirements, we are on hand to provide support, advice, and value.

Taiwan Flag

Taiwan – Country Updates

Driving It has been reported by the central News Agency in January that a driver’s license reciprocal agreement between Minnesota and Taiwan is to be signed, making it the 31st state to do so. People with a valid Driver's License issued in either Minnesota or Taiwan will no longer need ...
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FAQs for the Asia Pacific Region – Practical Information Guide

Australia | China | India | Japan | Korea | Malaysia | Philippines | Singapore | Taiwan | Thailand Australia  Are there expat areas to live in ?No, international assignees live in the same areas as locals. Why is rental property so expensive in Sydney and Melbourne ?Actually the rental ...
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Pune Landscape

India – Focus on Pune

Pune – Detroit of India Fortified with hills and abundance natural beauty, the city of Pune served as a capital of Maratha Empire & Monsoon Capital of the Bombay Presidency under the British Empire. Pune (also referred as “Poona”) has always been an important city both for historical and modern ...
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Malaysia & Selangor Flags

Malaysia – Focus on Selangor

This Abode of Sincerity (the honorific title of the state of Selangor) though moderately sized, has the largest economy in Malaysia, providing 22% of the nation’s GDP, and is one of the most developed states as well. It is diverse in its people as well as its attractions. Selangor boasts ...
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